Kemin Industries launches CholiGEM™ for the US dairy market

The company’s choline chloride product improves cow liver health during the critical transition phase

DES MOINES, Iowa, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Kemin Industries, a global ingredients manufacturer committed to sustainably transforming the quality of life for 80 percent of the world through its products and services every day, has launched CholiGEMan advanced rumen-protected choline supplement designed to address fatty liver disease and ketosis in lactating dairy cows, in the US dairy market.

Choline – one of the fundamental ingredients of CholiGEM – is an essential nutrient for dairy cows with multiple functions for optimal milk production, reproduction and health, especially during the critical transition period. It improves the metabolic functions of the liver and increases milk fat yield and milk protein.

“Research shows that 50 – 60% of cows suffer from moderate to severe fatty liver disease after calving,” says Fei SunPh.D., PAS, Dairy Marketing Manager, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – North America. “But if we can optimize liver health during the transition phase, we can significantly reduce metabolic disturbances that compromise not only production, but also overall animal health. That’s where choline chloride, CholiGEM’s key ingredient, can help.”

CholiGEM stands out with a typical choline chloride content of 60% – significantly higher than the typical 28% currently available on the market. This higher content allows for a more flexible diet formulation during the critical transition period. The superior bioavailability helps reduce the risk of fatty liver disease and prevent ketosis, improving the overall well-being of dairy cows before and after calving.

Due to its uniformity, particle size and specific gravity, CholiGEM moves quickly through the rumen, reducing microbial degradation and increasing intestinal availability. It benefits dairy cows by:

  • Improvement of liver function
  • Maximizing energy consumption
  • Improving lactation performance
  • Optimization of health and immunity

CholiGEM can also contribute to a greener footprint for dairies by maintaining optimal health of the transition cow and having a lower intake rate compared to many competing products on the market, which have lower choline chloride content. 1 The latest product from Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – North America This business unit also allows dairy companies to formulate a diet that precisely meets the choline needs of cows, with minimal nutrient excretion and maximum utilization.

Kemin’s encapsulation proficiency, advanced core technology and extensive knowledge of rumen physiology have been key factors in developing a successful product portfolio and establishing Kemin as a leader in dairy nutrition.

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1A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of CholiGEM™ and CholiPEARL™, TL-24-21638.

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