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Plus: 👋 Harvard returns to DEI

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👀What’s on tap today:

  • Harvard is jettisoning DEI statements
  • Alternative Policing in Cambridge
  • A local teenager on top of the world

First up…


The best new snacks in town

Image: Main room. Illustration: Gia Orsino.

The only thing warming up faster than the weather is Boston’s new restaurant scene. And’s list of exciting restaurant openings in June is the perfect guide.

These are the places worth exploring:

🍝The Red Fox restaurant& LoungeNorthern end. Martinis and pasta? Say no more. At The Red Fox, classic Italian vibes with a modern sensibility are the name of the game. In typical North End fashion, the menu focuses on house-made pasta. But from the dramatic retro interior to the yet-to-be-named adjacent cocktail lounge, The Red Fox is starting to evolve into the trendy younger brother of the area’s more classic spots. The menu is not yet known, but be the first to know about the latest events here.

Thing to try:

  • Orecchiette with pistachio pesto
  • Lasagna made for two
  • Cacio e pepe martini (!)

🍸 Main room hi-fiSeaport. Music may be the focus at Headroom, the new “HiFi” mid-century modern listening bar above Trillium’s Fort Point location, but don’t sleep on the food and drinks. As you work your way through their carefully curated vinyl collection, you can also enjoy specialty music-themed cocktails made with Trillium spirits and enjoy New England-inspired seafood-inspired appetizers. View the menu here.

Items to try:

  • Latkes with crème fraîche
  • Island Creek Oyster Canned Fish Boards
  • Instant crush cocktail with agave, house pineapple sriracha and lime

🍗 AmbaCambridge. Cambridge’s First Street Market has been years in the making. But with Amba’s snacks and sips as part of the package, it might just be worth the wait. Amba is a Mediterranean café from the same people behind Puritan & Co., The Lexington and Gepetto. Named after the Middle Eastern condiment, the café is located in the market, serving appetizers, pastries, coffee and bar drinks for you to enjoy in-house or while browsing. The menu is still TBD, but you can follow it here.

Item to try:

  • Seasoned rotisserie chicken

🍜KyuramenBrookline. This authentic Japanese ramen chain just opened its first two Mass. locations, including one in Brookline, with plenty of dining space, an outdoor patio and never-before-seen dishes. In addition to ramen, the menu offers everything from gyoza, matcha crepe cakes to Japanese-style burgers. Plus, if you find a red stamp at the bottom of your bowl, you can win free gifts. View the menu here.

Items to try:

  • Katsuobushi pork ramen
  • Salt and pepper crispy corn
  • Purple sweet potato crepe cake


Loading Summer Fitness Goals…

💪💦 Do you want to work up a sweat without spending a lot of money? Seaport Sweat, Boston’s largest free workout series, is back for its ninth season with free classes open to everyone Monday through Thursday at 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM, as well as Saturdays at 10 AM. Plus, don’t forget to check out Stretch and the City, a new free yoga class held every Friday at the Summer Street Steps. With classes running now through September, this is the perfect way to relax from 9 to 5.


Quick and dirty headlines

Image: David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe

🧑‍🎓 Harvard says goodbye to DEI statements. Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the university’s largest division, has announced that professors applying for a tenure-track position will no longer be required to submit a statement explaining how they will promote “diversity, inclusion, and belonging” in their will promote work. The move comes as some academics argue that these statements are simply “enforcing oaths of loyalty to a particular worldview.” It also comes as universities across the country are reconsidering their relationship with free speech and academic freedom in light of campus camps and protests over the war between Israel and Hamas.

🏘️ The Mass. House tries to destroy the houses of Mass. to repair. House lawmakers unveiled a $6.2 billion plan to address the region’s truly astonishing housing availability and affordability crisis, including hundreds of millions of dollars in investments in building affordable housing statewide, plus policy changes like allowing “granny flats.” But perhaps even more remarkable is what was left out: Namely a provision approved by Wu and Healey that would have added a ‘transfer fee’ to the sale of luxury properties to reinvest in building affordable housing (an item that has unsurprisingly been criticized by real estate giants).

🚔 Cambridge gives alternative policing a chance. Cambridge’s new Community Assistance Response and Engagement (also known as CARE) team will soon begin responding to some 911 calls instead of police officers. The team, made up of trained social workers, will respond to non-violent, mental health-related incidents in the hope of reforming the way the city deals with these issues, offering de-escalation instead of policing where necessary. But before the CARE team can take action, new things still need to be discussed with the local police.

🍕 What’s better than Apizza? Four Apizzas! That’s right, Sally’s Apizza (that’s “a-BEETZ”), the wildly popular pizzeria in New Haven, just announced plans to open two new Mass. locations next year in Dorchester and Concord. The new Apizzas will attend the mass.” one current location in Woburn, along with another planned Apizza in the Seaport opening this year. And regardless of what certain B-Side writers think about Apizza, the new spots will likely have lines out the door anyway.


A local teenager on top of the world

Illustration: Gia Orsino.

A local teen took “doing it” to a whole new level – literally.

Ryan Mitchell, a 19-year-old from Rutland, took on and completed one of the most difficult tasks last week when he successfully climbed Mount Everest. But why? To create content for his YouTube channel.

“I literally thought of the idea, ‘I climbed Mount Everest,’ for a YouTube video title, looked into it further, and from there, I don’t know, I just fell in love with it,” he told NBC10 Boston.

Mitchell is no stranger to YouTube. He once had a well-produced channel with almost 2 million subscribers, but as of now most of his content is (understandably) focused on Everest.

Say what you want, but no one works harder than teenagers making money on YouTube.

Check out his climbing content here.

– Written by Gia Orsino and Emily Schario

💻Thanks for reading! And if that’s not enough for Gen Z… he also funded the entire trip with the money he made streaming Minecraft.

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