Day 2 of Hunter Biden’s gun trial

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WILMINGTON, Delaware β€” Yesterday, a twelve-member jury was quickly selected in the weapons trial against Hunter Biden. Behind him sat First Lady Jill Biden, a show of solidarity. Next to her sat Hunter’s current wife, Melissa Cohen, and his half-sister, Ashley Biden, making the criminal proceedings resemble family court. A group of Secret Service agents surrounded the Biden family.

Of the jurors, many knew the Bidens in some way. It was like Six Degrees of Separation: The Delaware Edition.

One potential judge said he played squash with Beau Biden, Hunter’s late brother, and competed in at least one tournament together. But because he knew the Biden family “fairly well” and felt he could not be impartial, that juror was dismissed. The squash player also said his children played baseball with Beau’s children.

Another prospective juror worked at the same school as Jill Biden and met her husband. However, he was allowed to stay.

One woman was a bartender at the Two Stones Pub in Kinnett Square, where she “occasionally” served Hunter’s uncle John T. Owens, President Joe Biden’s brother-in-law. She was allowed to stay in the pool until the mandatory stroke period.

Another woman said she was an acquaintance of Hallie Biden, the widow of Beau Biden with whom Hunter had an affair, and that she knew Beau personally. β€œBeau was a family friend. We miss him,” she said. She also said that her husband “socializes” with the Bidens and that both belong to the same social clubs. She was affected for some reason.

On another episode of Keeping Up With The Bidens, a judge said her father-in-law is an air traffic controller at Dover Air Force Base, so he sometimes coordinates with the Secret Service. β€œYou know when he (President Biden) comes in,” she said.

Apparently, asking whether you’ve ever encountered Biden in Delaware is a test of whether you’re a tried-and-tested native worthy of calling yourself a Delawarean.

According to Delaware Online’s musings, there’s a saying in some circles around Delaware that points to the president’s ubiquity in his home state: “If you haven’t met Joe Biden, you’re not really a Delawarean.”

Well, it is After all, it is President Biden’s turf. Wilmington’s train station is named after him. A photo of the president hangs in the lobby of the federal courthouse. The city’s visitors bureau tells tourists to “Explore Joe Biden’s Wilmington.”

As for the judges’ political leanings, one woman said she mostly watches CNN and MSNBC, donated to Hillary Clinton and even volunteered for her 2008 Kentucky presidential campaign (when she took to the streets for Clinton). . Asked whether she could find the son of the sitting Democratic president guilty, she said: “I don’t see any connection.” The judge kept her, although she was ultimately not selected.

Another woman was sent home after saying she read reports about Hunter. When asked what opinion, if any, she has formed, she replied, “Not a good one.”

One man, who talked about politically motivated prosecutions, specifically referring to President Donald Trump’s hush money lawsuit, was excused. β€œIt seems like politics plays a big role in who gets taxed for what and when,” he said.

Similarly, a woman was released for suggesting this was a political persecution – but against Hunter Biden. The juror, who joined a “resistance group” in 2016 in response to Trump’s victory and donated to a number of Democrats during the 2022 midterm elections, said she believes Hunter is being persecuted because of who his famous father is. β€œI think it’s a very powerful factor,” she said. β€œOther people might have done similar things, but if it hadn’t been brought to the same level of scrutiny.”

One man said he heard about the case on Newsmax and Fox News but wasn’t sure he could give Hunter “a fair chance.”

A Trump donor who contributed to his 2016 campaign was eligible but was not part of the jury.

However, a Black woman who donated to President Barack Obama’s campaign was allowed to stay, despite Biden being Obama’s vice president. She was chosen as one of four alternates.

The parties settled on an equal jury of six women and six men, the majority of whom are black.

NAACP Delaware leader Richard Smith was also present and hugged Hunter as he left the courtroom. β€œI told him we support him and I told him the black community is behind him,” Smith said afterward. ‘We understand what he is going through. And we said we love each other.”

Today, the new jury will hear opening arguments, followed by the prosecution’s first witness: the FBI agent responsible for investigating the case and who is expected to introduce digital evidence from Hunter’s infamous laptop.