Upstate SC store #1 in state.


Is there someone in your life who loves donuts like Homer Simpson? If so, you might want to take them to this donut shop in Upstate.

Yelp recently released its Elites 2024 list of the best donut shops in the United States. Sunny’s Donuts in Gaffney took the crown for best store in South Carolina.

To determine which store is the best, Yelp identified businesses in the donut category with a high concentration of 5-star Elite reviews. Every company in the list also has a sufficient health score as of March 28, 2024.

What makes Sunny’s Donutshop so delicious? Here’s what Yelp had to say.

This is why Sunny’s Donuts is the best donut shop in SC

Sunny’s Donuts has many mouth-watering items on the menu. Apple fritters, cinnamon rolls and jelly-filled donuts are just some of the classic bakery items that customers line up for. According to Yelp, owner Andrew Poeng recently took over the bakery from his father, who taught him how to make the family’s secret recipes. To secure popular deals like the “fantastic and huge” beignets, Yelp recommends calling ahead and ordering.

In the story, Yelp Elite complimented Linda S.’s hometown donut shop.

“I just love this quaint little donut shop next to a gas station. The service is great, always friendly and kind. And the donuts are the best! If you’re in the area, I highly recommend stopping by Sunny’s Donuts.” she said.

The best donut shops in the South, according to Yelp

∎ Bigfoot’s Little Donuts, Huntsville, Alabama

∎ Mark’s Do-Nut Shop, Little Rock, Arkansas

∎ Donnie’s Donuts, Daytona Beach, Florida

∎ Sweet Apple Donut & Coffee, Alpharetta, Georgia

∎ Nord’s Bakery, Louisville, Kentucky

∎ Bakers Dozen, Jefferson, Louisiana

∎ Fantasy Donuts, Biloxi, Mississippi

∎ Superior Bakery, Fayetteville, North Carolina

∎ McGaugh’s Donuts, Madison, Tenn

∎ Robin’s Snowflake Donuts & Café, Spring, Texas

∎ Carol Lee Donuts, Blacksburg, Virginia

∎ Jolly Pirate Donuts, Huntington, West Virginia

How did the donut get its shape and name?

According to Delish, Elizabeth Gregory of New England in the 19th century baked dough to take with her son on his voyage at sea. The name “doughnut” came about after she baked the dough with nuts. Her young sailor son is credited with giving the donut its shape. Legend has it that he used one of the spokes of the ship’s wheel to poke a hole through the center of the donut, allowing him to steer the ship with both hands. That’s a smart way to snack.

What do you call a donut without a hole?

After the center of a donut is pushed out during the baking process, the remaining dough is used to create another bite-sized treat: the “donut hole.”

Donut holes are one of Dunkin’ Donuts’ most popular menu items. The American donut chain sells more than eight hundred million every year, according to Dunkin’s website. “Munchkins” are available in quantities of 3, 5, 10, 25 and 50 and are served in the following flavors: glazed old fashioned, chocolate glazed, old fashioned, jelly, cinnamon and powdered. Calorie counters may want to take note of this fun nutrition fact: About five cake munchkins equals one cake donut, while just under five yeast munchkins equals one yeast donut.

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