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NEW HOUSE – The New Cumberland Council held its first regular meeting Monday at the new city offices. –Craig Howell

NEW CUMBERLAND – The City of New Cumberland has officially moved into its new municipal offices, with the City Council holding its first regular meeting Monday in the River Avenue building.

“I want to welcome you all to our first meeting in the new building,” said Mayor Will White.

City officials moved the city offices last month, moving the city clerk, police station and other offices to the former New Cumberland Elementary building that the city has called home in recent years. The new offices are located in what was known as the Ewing Building, at 204 North River Ave., next to the city’s old office building at the intersection of River Avenue and Jefferson Street.

City Clerk Tammy Jenkins explained that some exterior and interior work still needs to be done, including installation of an awning, landscaping and some paint and electrical work.

“There are still little things that need to be done,” she said.

Jenkins also presented a $1,100 proposal to purchase nine PVC pediments for the new building’s windows, explaining that these were for window coverings and noting that the council did not like the pediments initially installed.

In related matters, Community Services Director George Hines said he spoke with the new owner of the former city building, saying the city would not be charged rent for the next several months while they work to dispose of what leftover furniture and other items. objects are still in the former city office.

“Most of it is junk,” he said, explaining that they had discussed the possibility of moving the items to the building’s old gymnasium to host a sale.

City Attorney Kevin Pearl said he knew of a company that would remove the items, in case the city can’t sell them itself.

Hines also said the new owner would not change any aspects of the leases for the remaining tenants for the rest of the year.

In other matters, Monday, council:

Agreed to purchase a used police cruiser, a 2019 Ford Explorer with 41,270 miles, for $23,295, plus $500 for shipping;

Resolved to pursue the purchase of a new pump, blades and washers for the Morris Street pump station, using American Rescue Plan Act funds;

Discussed purchasing a used boom lift and agreed to ask for prices. Officials noted that it has cost the city $800 each time it has had to rent the equipment;

Was informed that bidding for work on the roof of the municipal garage was due on June 7th.

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