Empowering young people through hair education

This post was originally published on Michigan Chronicle

By Mrs. A. J. Williams | Michigan Chronicle | Word in black

(WIB) – A transformative new program is taking root in the heart of our community, focused on empowering young Black girls through the art of hairstyling. The brainchild of Tameca Moore and her daughter Kristian, this youth hair course not only teaches valuable skills but also nurtures self-confidence and cultural pride.

A fresh start with a purpose

“What inspired you to start this hair course for young people?” I asked Moore, whose passion for this project is clear. “I wanted a fresh start, a new business that gives back and glorifies God at the same time. Together with my daughter Kristian, we have designed a youth program to guide young ladies and teach them a trade. In these dark times, it is important to be a light and show students that there is more to life.”