Quincy mayor gets big pay raise – NBC Boston

City officials in Quincy, Massachusetts, voted Monday night to give the mayor a big pay raise, upsetting some taxpayers.

Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch will now make as much as $285,000, which represents a 79% raise.

To give some perspective, that’s tens of thousands of dollars more than the mayors of both New York City and Boston. New York City Mayor Eric Adam’s current salary is $258,000, while Boston Mayor Michelle Wu makes $207,000 per year.

Koch is in his seventh term as mayor of the city of South Shore and has not had a raise in nearly a decade. Regardless, many taxpayers believe this increase is far too high.

Monday night, a group of Quincy residents stood outside the meeting, holding signs that read: “STOP THE INCREASE” and “CAN’T AFFORT TO RENT. CAN’T AFFORT TO BUY. CAN’T AFFORT TO CAN’T AFFORD TO RETIRE.

Some held signs that read: “JUST SAY ‘NO'” and “79% IS WRONG.”

Other signs compared the meager raises teachers and city workers in Quincy have received with the requested raises for the mayor and city council.

After the increase was approved, people outside the meeting expressed their disapproval.

“Very disappointed with the vote, but we kind of thought this was the way it was going to go,” said Quincy resident Virginia Ryan.

“A salary increase should come to the vote of the people,” one man said.

“Will Quincy be 79% better now with the mayor’s pay increase? I doubt it,” Kathy Thrun said. “Our voices have not been heard at all.”

The salary increases for the mayor and city council are expected to take effect next year.