Falcons channel Christian McCaffrey with Bijan Robinson scheme

The Atlanta Falcons will do everything they can to compete for a Super Bowl next season. A key arrival is Kirk Cousins ​​with his veteran insight and cannon for an arm. But the progress of their young players in Raheem Morris’ system cannot be discounted. In fact, it could be Bijan Robinson who gives them the spark they need while doing a little bit of everything. The plan? Well, it looks like they’ll follow the same path the San Francisco 49ers did when they got Christian McCaffrey to join their team.

Bijan Robinson needs to become more dynamic

January 7, 2024;  New Orleans, Louisiana, USA;  New Orleans Saints linebacker Pete Werner (20) shreds Atlanta Falcons jersey as running back Bijan Robinson (7) during a first-half run at Caesars Superdome.  Mandatory credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
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The path the 49ers have taken, and the Falcons are focused on, largely has to do with involving the running back in every play. Instead of Raheem Morris and Zac Robinson using Bijan Robinson purely to avoid handoffs from Kirk Cousins ​​to gain yardage, he will have to receive the ball, run routes and sometimes block as well. Christian McCaffrey was used this way and it led the 49ers straight back to the Super Bowl.

Bijan Robinson knows this is a challenge. After all, he was doing the same job in Texas. He revealed his thoughts on the Falcons’ new way of using him in his latest statement, via Ari Meirov of The 33rd Team.

“I’m going to be more of a runner who does everything else. It’s like you have to run first, like I did in college. Then you still have that access to get to the receiver, and you still have access to do creative things out of the backfield. Especially how they use Christian McCaffrey in San Francisco,” the Falcons running back stated.

There will be times when fatigue absolutely takes over. Blocking one, running another and passing linemen the next is sure to get tiring. But one thing Falcons fans have learned is that Robinson has one of the best motors in the game. When that is combined with his smart moves and high IQ, the moves he will make are sure to make everyone’s jaws drop.

His Falcons stint so far

The rookie year he had with the Falcons wasn’t too bad. There were definitely some carries and catches that became highlights during that time. But Coach Raheem Morris and the Kirk Cousins-led offense need him to be more efficient. They still need his 976 rushing yards, with a 43.5% success rate and 4.6 yards per rush, to improve. He could even reach 1,000 yards next season if he wants, but that will certainly be more difficult given the amount of other things he has to do on the field.

However, Robinson has shown some promise to be like Christian McCaffrey. He already racked up 71 yards receiving, proving he can jump and outrun the secondary. The fact that he also gives the Falcons an average gain of 8.4 yards per catch makes him all the more impressive. With the help of Kirk Cousins, they can certainly execute this game plan well for Robinson.