TPS teachers learn from an award-winning education researcher

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Teachers worth $501 are trying to improve their curricula from an award-winning education researcher.

Topeka Public Schools invited district staff and teachers to the Bishop Professional Development Center to hear from researcher and author Professor John Hattie in the Visible Learning+ workshop on how teachers can inspire their students to connect what they learn to real life, improving education of a student is improved.

Angela Dick, instructional coaching coordinator for $501, said teachers use research-based strategies from Dr. Hattie teaches at a deep level of learning, asking whether a student is learning and growing socially and emotionally and whether he or she is performing at higher levels.

“That way it’s not just what the facts and information are, but can we make those connections based on what I learn and how does that tie back into my life? And then we move into the transfer, and so once our students understand how this relates to their lives. They can then transfer that learning to other areas and aspects of different content areas they study, and then also to places in their lives. So our hope is to not only better understand the research, but also how we can reapply that research in a realistic way so that our students can learn from it every day.”

Today’s event included sessions from $501 Superintendent Dr. Tiffany Anderson, an author and consultant for Corwin, Karen Flories, many other teachers as well as principals.