Piglets who jumped from a pig wagon to freedom now live in Potomac – NBC4 Washington

Two little pigs jumped off a pig farm transport truck last year and found freedom.

The pigs, Dani and Sunshine, now live in a farm shelter in Potomac, Maryland, and just turned one year old.

Michele Waldman, the founder of Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary, recalled the day the pigs came to live on her farm after jumping off a truck in North Carolina.

“They came in and it was really cold and they were wearing little sweaters,” she said.

The five-hectare farm in a residential area is home to about 45 animals, including goats, horses, cows, sheep and chickens. It’s a labor of love for Waldman, who says she finds joy in watching the animals learn to trust people.

“Every time we have tours here, all the animals run away because they see people as so nice now,” she said.

The farm offers public tours and educational programs. Waldman said she hopes that when people interact with the animals, they will adopt a new attitude toward farming and learn to treat farm animals with compassion and dignity.

“They are so much more than a meal. They are intelligent beings with lives, dreams and best friends,” she said.

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