OJ Da Juiceman included in Trap Music Museum

OJ Da Juiceman’s legacy has been cemented. The Atlanta rapper, who was instrumental in carrying the torch of keeping trap and the city’s Southern sound alive, was officially inducted into the Trap Music Museum on May 31.

The event had a red carpet backdrop with 32 Entertainment on it. Producer and long-time collaborator Zaytoven was among those present on the evening. A painted mural of Da Juiceman was unveiled.

At the ceremony, unroll spoke with BLE and Hotboi Skullie to get their thoughts on Da Juiceman and trap music.

What do you have to say about Juiceman and his legacy?

OBE: (He’s been trapped for a long time. He is one of the innovators of trap music.

Hotboi Skullie: Without OJ there would be no trap music.

OBE: Without PB, without Gucci.

Hotboi Skullie: They found a way….

What does it mean to all of you to see people who have turned situations, like getting out of a trap, into something successful?

Hotboi Skullie: Falling is not something you have to do your whole life. You need to get your money and get started.

OBE: OJ got out of the trap; That’s what you have to do anyway. I just spent 10 years in prison and just got out for armed robbery… You know there’s karma out of it, but if you’re trapped, man, you’ll get it out the mud… You got n—- who really emerged and are successful from the fall. You have n… who die in the trap, who go to prison in the trap, are robbed in the trap… Everyone won’t make it.