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Barnett is completing the first hours of the executive law enforcement program

Published on Monday, June 3, 2024 at 3:20 PM

By Carey Reeder | Administrator Editor

Maplesville Police Chief Riley Barnett recently completed the first 40-hour level of the Certified Law Enforcement Executive Program (CLEEP) through the Alabama Association of Chief of Police (AACOP). Barnett received his recognition for completing the first 40 hours of the program at the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Montgomery in February.

“I am very grateful for this training as it provides a solid foundation of executive leadership that I can implement in my department,” said Barnett. “The state of Alabama brings great speakers, and just the years and years of experience that these guys have, to be a part of that and work with them is a great opportunity. You’ll learn something new every day, and these classes will definitely help you expand your knowledge in the field. We are family, and it is like going to class with your brothers.”

The program consists of specialized executive-level training and is jointly administered by the University Partnership of Alabama for Continuing Education (UPACE) and AACOP. The program itself aims to establish a closer relationship among police officers throughout the state of Alabama, to ensure unity of action in police matters, to raise the standards of police institutions, to encourage the progress and perfection of a uniform police system within Alabama , and more.

The UPACE Partnership consists of three Alabama universities: Jacksonville State University, University of North Alabama and Troy University-Dothan, and aims to make continuing education programs available to agencies and associations throughout Alabama. Barnett completed his first level in the program working with Jacksonville State.

The CLEEP provides training that helps develop leadership, refines management techniques and navigates the complexities of police work, and is intended to enhance the skills and expertise of law enforcement officers. Some of the courses in the program include Managing for Effectiveness, Dealing Effectively with the External Environment, Effective Management and Supervisory Techniques for Police Administration, and Strategic Planning for Your Department.

“This is a sign of success for Chief Barnett, as well as the city of Maplesville, for its support of advancing law enforcement management principles,” said Kaleb Littlejohn, director of the Center for Best Practice in Law Enforcement at Jacksonville State University and UPACE partner, said.

During the program, Barnett had the opportunity to network and collaborate with other law enforcement officers throughout Alabama. He said the courses help prepare police officers like him for the ever-changing law enforcement landscape, and it helps him and the Maplesville Police Department be prepared when something new is thrown their way every day.

“It keeps you aware of new things happening around you, and you definitely need to sharpen your tools and keep them sharp,” Barnett said. “It’s a learning experience and every day (this job) brings something different. It gives me the opportunity to do that and give back to my community.”