Twin Cities saw record rainfall in May, but the soggy start to June could give way to a dry spell

MINNEAPOLIS – May will go down as one of the wettest in Twin Cities history, and June is also off to a humid start.

The National Weather Service says 5.81 inches of rain was recorded in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, which last month recorded the 20th wettest May on record, and the third wettest month this decade.


Statewide, May rainfall was double or triple the average in parts of northwestern Minnesota.

The rainiest May on record was 10.33 inches, which occurred in 1906. The second wettest May was in 2012, when 9.34 inches fell.


How much rain have we had in Minnesota recently?

It also rained steadily during the first days of June. According to our NEXT Weather Watchers, much of Minnesota saw precipitation totals ranging from half an inch to 6 inches of rain between Sunday and Monday morning, with a similar range in the metro.


Rain fell in the north, with some communities receiving two inches or more. A Weather Watcher in Winthrop in south-central Minnesota recorded 3.2 inches. The Southwest generally saw less.

Communities near Interstate 35 and to the east can expect more rain Monday More rain is coming in the coming days before a dry spell that could be our longest since early May.