Dog permits in June: West Hartford City Clerk

City of West Hartford

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. – West Hartford City Clerk Leon S. Davidoff recently outlined the city’s policies and procedures regarding June’s “Dog License Month” operations.


He said the West Hartford Town Clerk’s Office has sent reminders to more than 3,000 residents, urging owners to make their dogs “legal.”

State law requires all dogs over 6 months of age to be licensed annually, and a numbered tag will accompany the paper permit and serve as identification for any pet that strays from home.

The annual fee for dog licenses is $19 for unaltered dogs and $8 for neutered or spayed dogs.

All dogs must be vaccinated against rabies.

If the rabies certificate expired before renewal, please attach an updated certificate from a veterinarian.

Meanwhile, a regional rabies vaccination clinic will be held at Windsor Firehouse, 50 Pine Lane, Windsor, from 8:10 a.m. to noon in June, where West Hartford residents can attend.

If a dog is approved for the first time and has been neutered/sterilized, a certificate from the veterinarian must be submitted.

All documentation will be returned after processing.

Applications for dog permits may be sent to: the Office of the Town Clerk, Town of West Hartford, 50 S. Main St., Room 313, West Hartford CT, 06107.

Participants must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to receive a license, label and supporting documentation. Dog permits can also be obtained in person by visiting the West Hartford Town Clerk’s Office. Incomplete applications will be returned.

For additional questions, please call 860-561-7430. Applications are available via this link.