Henson, Porter, Blank and Smith Claim Dylan Bias Memorial Honors at Double

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Double X highway

June 2, 2024

California, MO

by Dean Reichel

The seventh annual Dylan Bias Memorial Race at Double X Speedway was on many calendars, as evidenced by the number of cars and fans in the stands. This annual event organized by Dylan’s family and friends is special indeed. Drivers from four states and two continents were on hand to take on the challenge called Double X Speedway. Rain from Friday evening into Saturday morning left the track and pits a bit wet, but Kyle Wirts and crew managed to put together a smooth, FAST track for Sunday night’s racing action.

The featured class was the Street Stocks with fifteen cars and drivers checked in. In the first race, Jody Romig took the victory over Steve Beach and Ryan Shikles. Heat two saw Derek Henson take the field while Arkansas driver Jared Hays finished second and weekly Kansas competitor James Nishwonger completed the podium.

Two “Dash for Cash” events were also held for the Street Stocks. In the “Top 6 Dash,” Jared Hays took top honors over Nishwonger and Henson. In the second sprint, Colton Bourland took the win, while Dale Berry finished second and Eddie Keeran third.

During the main event, Romig and Henson were in the front row. Henson wasted little time getting to the point and led the entire twenty laps. It wasn’t a piece of cake, however, as he had to endure a number of warnings and a red flag event. Despite the delays in the action, Henson was able to retain the point for the 20 lap event. Jared Hays made a strong bid after the final warning, but Henson would not be denied the win. Hays would finish a very strong second place, with Colton Bourland finishing third, Derek Brown fourth and James Nishwonger rounding out the top five. “Nitro” Nick Gibson claimed the hard charger prize in the event by moving from 14th on the grid to 6th at the checkered finish.

In the Pure Stock class it was Darin Porter who bested the field, while Chris Messerli finished second. Curt Turpin finished third, Sahyne Healea fourth and Ross Waters rounded out the top five. Messerli would claim the heat race.

B Modifieds were added to the evening’s card and Mexico’s Parker Smith put the class on notice by winning the first heat race from Terry Schultz and Adam Hall. Chad Staus would win the second heat race, with Tyler Imhoff and Rylan Gibbs following him under the checkered flag. Smith would also take victory in the B Mod Dash for Cash. Come play time, Smith quickly moved to the point from his starting spot on pole position. Terry Schultz tried every trick he knew to gain ground on the leader, but would have to settle for second at the line. Adam Line Hall would finish third, Chad Staus would finish fourth and Tyler Potter would finish fifth.

The 360 ​​Winged Sprint Cars were ready for the fast clay oval. Young drivers Ben Brown and Gunner Ramey claimed the heat races in the division. Brown and Ramey would lead the field to green, with Ramey smoothly opening a lead across the field as the action took place behind him. Five laps into the main event, Rob Rimel brought out a red flag when he tumbled down the front stretch. After being checked by the ambulance staff, Rimel was able to walk to his trailer in the pit area. When racing resumed, Ramey kept his yellow #21 Sprinter on the point. Tyler Blank moved up to the number two spot, but Ramey was super slick. On lap 18, after showing Ramey some different lines, Blank was able to pass the leader in turn two and pull away to a four-car lead. Ramey kept the pressure on, but failed to make a pass on machine #75. After Blank and Ramey, Ben Brown finished third, Jack Wagner fourth and Myles Paulus fifth.

Dylan Bias Memorial Results

Double X highway

California, MO


Street shares

Feature- 1. 27D-Derek Henson, Russellville; 2. 4-Jared Hays, Jonesboro, AR; 3. 2-Colton Bourland, Appleton City; 4. 11-Derek Brown, Stoutland; 5. 44-James Nishwonger, Osawatamie, KS; 6. G1-Nick Gibson, Urich; 7. 10-Steve Beach, Eldon; 8. 05-Dale Berry, Tuscumbia; 9. 87-Eddie Keeran, California; 10. 409-Ryan Shikles, Enon; 11. 10R-Chris Romig, Syracuse; 12. 12–Jody Romig, Syracuse (DNF); 13.09-Joe Miller, Centertown (DNF); 14. 30C-Clayton Campbell, Otterville (DNF) 15. 8H-Adam Halley, New Haven (DNS)

Heat one-

  1. J. Romig; 2. Beach; 3. Shikles; 4. Brown; 5. Keeran; 6. Berry; 7. C. Creamy; 8. Campbell

Heat two-

  1. Henson; 2. hay; 3. Nishwonger; 4. Bourland; 5. Miller; 6. Halley; 7.Gibson

Dash for Cash #1-

  1. Hay; 2. Nishwonger; 3. Henson; 4. Shikles; 5. J. Romig; 6. Beach

Dash for Cash #2-

  1. Bourland; 2. Berry; 3. Keeran; 4. C. Creamy; 5. Miller

Pure equity

Function-1. 21-Darin Porter, California; 2. 88-Chris Messerli, Latham; 3. 15-Curt Turpin, Eldon; 4. 17-Shayne Healea, California; 5. 44-Ross Waters, Eldon


  1. Messerli; 2. Porter; 3.Turpin; 4. Genea; 5. Waters


Position- 1. 12-Parker Smith, Mexico; 2. 90-Terry Schultz, Sedalia; 3. 574-Adam Hall, Columbia; 4. C3-Chad Staus, Otterville; 5 94-Tyler Potter, Fulton; 6. 55-Colson Kirk, Urbana; 7. 37-Dan Charles, Basehor, KS; 8. 1R- Rylan Gibbs, Osceola; 9. R33-Austin Raybourn, Odessa; 10. 33-Tyler Imhoff, Boonville; 11. 21J-Colton John, Eldon; 12. 2S-Joey Green, Fulton

Heat 1-1. Smith; 2. Schultz; 3. Hall; 4. Raybourn; 5. Potter; 6. Green (DNS)

Heat 2- 1. Status; 2. Imhoff; 3. Gibbs; 4. John; 5. Kirk; 6. Charles

Dash for cash

  1. Smith; 2. Schultz; 3. Hall; 4. Gibbs; 5. Status

360 winged sprint cars-

Position- 1.75-Tyler Blank, California; 2. 21-Gunner Ramey, Sedalia; 3. 7B-Ben Brown, Marshall; 4. 77-Jack Wagner, Lonely Jack; 5. 0-mile Paulus, Marshall; 6. 2B-Garrett Benson, Concordia; 7. 93-Taylor Walton, Odessa; 8. 73-Samuel Wagner, LoneJack; 9. 52-Blake Bowers, Knob Noster; 10. 99D-Tucker Daly, Hallsville; 11. 7K-Rob Rimel, California; 12 24-Casey Shuman, Tempe,AZ; 13. 7-Paul Solomon, Riddles Creek, Australia; 14. 52D-Skylar Daly, Columbia; 15. 9S-Aubrey Smith, Houstonia; 16.-Josh Fisher, Jefferson City (DNS)

Heat 1-1. Brown; 2. Blank; 3. Smith; 4.Walter; 5. Rimel; 6. J. Wagner 7. Shuman (DNF); 8. Benson (DNF)

Heat 2- 1. Ramey; 2. Fisherman; 3. Paul; 4. Solomon; 5. T. Daly; 6. S. Wagner; 7. Bowers; 8. S. Daly (DNS)

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