Road trip time! The best small town in Minnesota is worth the drive

I feel like Minnesota is filled with great small and mid-sized cities. Sure, there are some big cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul, but pretty much everything else can fall under the category of small or medium-sized city or community. There are even some in Minnesota that are unincorporated, meaning they have no police or fire departments. In the event of emergencies, they depend on neighboring cities.

There is a website called and they have taken the time to rank all the best small towns across the country, and they also include an explanation as to why they are the “best”.

Now there is another travel site “Travel + Leisure” that has ranked the best “small lake towns in the country.” And it’s the same town as what was dubbed the “best small town in Minnesota” a few years ago.

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Which city is the “best small town in Minnesota”? It’s Grand Marais. The population in Grand Marais is just over 1300 inhabitants. And it’s right on Lake Superior. There are many towns in Lake Superior, so what makes this one so great? It is also surrounded by the Superior National Forest, so it is ideal for a quiet getaway, but also gives the traveler access to many of the area’s wineries and breweries. On any given day, it’s pretty easy to find some kind of beer or wine tasting. You might also come home with some unique concoctions.

So if you want to get away for a long weekend, consider traveling to Northern Minnesota and then on to Grand Marais. Because we’ve had so much rain, everything is green and lush. Great time for a road trip!

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