Mountain West News: Caden Barnett, Boise State, Fresno State Baseball

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Nevada hasn’t had a Mountain West championship in any sport for two years now, so Chris Murray discusses what the school should do. The notable things are: Improving their budget for all sports, which would help with a winning football program. Increasing their community relationships to expand their NIL program would also help. But none of this will happen overnight, so patience is needed.

Caden Barnett, when healthy, was a solid player on Wyoming’s offensive line. He has hinted at his health a bit over the last two seasons as he has battled a lot of injuries but still managed to stay on the pitch as much as possible. Now he plans to start at right tackle, but he’s willing to go anywhere. He is also doing his best to help the younger players develop, replacing the starters they lost last year.

Boise State moved to boost their offense this offseason, bringing in two veteran wide receivers with proven productions. Both have as much talent as the Broncos have had in a while, but they both also bring baggage. Cam Camper has struggled with injuries over the past two years and Chris Marshall has had a number of off-field incidents. But if they are both on the pitch, they will be difficult for the opposition to stop.

The Bulldogs season is coming to an end.

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