Baton Rouge General celebrates survivors on National Cancer Survivors Day

BATON ROUGE – General Baton Rouge celebrated their patients who beat the odds on National Cancer Survivors Day on Sunday.

The event honored those who have survived cancer, as well as the community that supported them throughout their journey.

“Cancer affects almost everyone in some way, so it’s important to take a day to celebrate and take advantage of the positive feelings we have,” said Meghan Parrish, BRG Vice President of Marketing & Communications.

More than 4,000 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in Baton Rouge. Last year alone, Baton Rouge General treated nearly 1,500 patients with cancer. Parrish emphasized the importance of the event for survivors to connect with others who have gone through similar experiences.

“When you go through treatment and come out, survival is often not as easy as you think, so talking to other people who have been through that is important.”

Breast cancer survivor Erica Jackson shared her story after beating the disease not once but twice. She was first diagnosed in 2016 and then again in 2022.

“Being a breast cancer survivor is huge, it’s huge. We celebrate every day, not just our five-year anniversary, not just our 10-year anniversary, we celebrate it every day,” Jackson said.

Jackson said losing her hair during her cancer treatment was difficult, but she kept her crown high.

“We still have a crown, we just need to straighten our crown without hair. We are still beautiful with or without our hair. Hair doesn’t make us.”

Jackson said she is feeling great and had a message for those starting treatments.

“Keep pushing, keep working hard, stay humble and embrace it all,” Jackson said. “You’re not the only one.”