There are still a few nice days ahead, but rain is coming, NWS says

Sunday was a beautiful day for a game of basketball in Franklin Park. (Jim Michaud/Boston Herald)

It’s okay if you missed the chance to get outside and enjoy the near-perfect weather all weekend, because the Boston area will see a few more days of near-ideal conditions, according to the National Weather Service, but it won ‘It won’t last all week.

The start of the week will be “a little more similar to what we had this weekend,” Rob Megnia, a meteorologist with NWS Boston, told the Herald.

“More of that late spring and early summer weather,” Megnia said Sunday.

Monday will see mostly clear skies and high temperatures in the mid-70s by afternoon, with ocean breezes keeping Boston and low-lying coastal areas closer to the lower 70s, Megnia said.

Temperatures could drop into the mid-50s overnight, with clouds giving way to clear skies by morning, according to the weather service.

Sunny weather Tuesday won’t necessarily translate into a warmer day, according to the meteorologist, with slightly cooler temperatures expected regionally and a high of 73 degrees for Boston.

“We will see this warm trend continue on Wednesday, although Tuesday will look a bit cooler,” Megnia said. “No rain is expected until Wednesday.”

Tuesday evening will be cooler again, with temperatures expected to be in the low 50s.

Temperatures reverse Wednesday and could reach 80 degrees regionally under mostly sunny skies by midday, according to the weather service, although Boston and the Seacoast could be slightly cooler.

“There will be some kind of ocean breeze that will keep the coastal areas in and around Boston cooler, possibly as cool as the 60s or very low 70s,” Megnia said.

Overnight lows heading into Thursday should remain in the 60s with mostly clear skies, Megnia said.

As of now, the forecast for Thursday is “a little more unsettled” than the rest of the week, according to the meteorologist, and the day could “completely die out” depending on where and if the rain decides to fall.

“It can rain all day. As for the amount, that’s up in the air, but as of now we’re predicting widespread rain totaling a quarter to half an inch,” Megnia said. “The details about that weather system are still being worked out.”

The weather service expects a high of 73 degrees on Thursday, with a 70% chance of precipitation.

According to the NWS, more rain is possible through the weekend, with high temperatures in the mid-70s and a 30% chance of rain currently forecast Friday through Sunday.