The Resolution Committee publishes preliminary drafts that can be discussed during the annual meeting

By BRANDON PORTER, Southern Baptist Convention

INDIANAPOLIS (BP) – The resolutions to be presented at the 2024 SBC Annual Meeting are available in preliminary form. This marks the earliest release date in recent history.

Committee Chair Kristen Ferguson is grateful for the prayer support the group has received.

“These resolutions, which operate from the Word of God as our infallible authority and the Baptist faith and Message as our confession, represent what we view as Southern Baptist resolve on emerging and pressing issues of our time,” she told Baptist Press.

The resolutions include issues such as evangelism, abortion, reproductive technologies, parenthood, religious freedom, war, integrity in leadership and the use of non-disclosure agreements. You can download the full text of all 10 resolutions here.

This year marked the beginning of a new process to give messengers more time to review resolutions.

“As this is the first time the new resolution process has been used, I want to commend Kristen Ferguson and the rest of the committee for their flexibility and accommodating as we worked through the new resolution drafting timeframe,” said Jonathan Howe, vice chairman of the SBC Executive Committee. chairman for communications.

“Gathering around a holiday weekend, weeks before the annual meeting, to pray, edit and draft resolutions took a lot of dedication and sacrifice on their part.”

The resolution window was opened on April 1 and closed on May 22. The committee met last week in Oklahoma City to review the submitted resolutions.

“Oklahoma City also proved to be a great location for the committee to meet in a cost-effective manner that does not burden travellers,” Howe said.

The bylaws amendment approved by messengers at last year’s annual meeting requires interim resolutions to be published no later than 10 days before the annual meeting, with a final report appearing in the daily newspaper on the first day of the meeting. Messengers will meet in Indianapolis on June 11 this year.

“Our committee was united in prayer and in drafting these resolutions, and we present them to Southern Baptists for discussion, consideration and approval at our annual meeting,” Ferguson said.

Individual resolutions are available via the links below:

The decisions are also available in the annual meeting app.

More than twenty resolutions were submitted to the committee for consideration. Resolutions tabled and not advanced by the committee will be included in the decision report to be published in the Daily Bulletin on June 11.


This story first appeared in the Baptist Press.