8 Grey’s Anatomy Friendships Fans Need the Writers to Bring Back

It’s not just about romance and passion.

Considering how much time Grey’s Anatomy spent on its characters’ relationships outside of romance, it’s understandable that fans would want to see it return. The show explored all the struggles of friendship, from the loss of a loved one to the most difficult betrayal, and the show felt much more realistic that way.

With the friendships being very few and most of the screen time being spent on rivalries, romance or ex-feuds, the most loyal fans want and need to see the golden era of Grey’s Anatomy return with some of the greatest friendships on television.

Owen Hunt and April Kepner

Although the two never had a special bond, the few moments they shared were ultimately Hunt’s most heartfelt and wholesome presence at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital.

April’s sweet attitude and Hunt’s dedication to helping her talents shine is exactly the kind of mentor/student dynamic we don’t see enough on the show these days. Fans just wish it could last a little longer.

Callie Torres and Addison Montgomery

Although their first impressions of each other were far from ideal, there was something about the two women that made them respect each other. They bonded over their love of twisted, dark humor and guided each other through some very intense and tragic moments.

This was one of Grey’s Anatomy’s best female friendships without any unwanted drama, heartbreak or betrayal. Living proof that Shondaland can write non-toxic female friendships, but often doesn’t want to.

Mark Sloan and Jackson Avery

Another great example of a mentor and his mentee who have been studied more and suffered more drama as a result.

Mark took Jackson under his wing and offered him all the knowledge he could give. But he also offered Jackson the support he so desperately needed to gain more confidence in an area. That’s why Jackson was one of the most devastated people when Mark died.

Amelia Shepherd and Arizona Robbins

Unfortunately, this friendship hasn’t been used to its full potential, and it’s driving fans crazy. Not only did Amelia and Arizona make a really good team working on Herman’s case in Season 11, but they may have also shared some fun memories from the past.

Considering the obvious chemistry between the actresses, fans still want the show to bring Arizona back full-time to make them more than just friends.

Cristina Yang and Meredith Gray

While all five of the show’s first interns had a great bond, helping each other out and even living together for a while, no friendship was stronger than Meredith and Cristina’s. With one being the most understanding and sweet person you will ever meet, and the other bringing out her pragmatic side, they made a perfectly balanced team.

Technically, this iconic duo can still be brought back, but someone has to convince Sandra Oh to come back to the show first. And as far as we know, that is not planned in the short term.

Alex Karev and Meredith Gray

After Cristina left for Switzerland, Meredith and Alex grew closer for the longest time, as they were the last two members of the MAGIC team. He nursed Meredith through the darkest of times, and she helped him see more potential in himself than he even realized.

Alex Karev’s abrupt departure from the show ended their friendship with a thin letter, but as long as you choose to ignore it, Meredith and Alex still have a great friendship.

Mark Sloan and Callie Torres

Both Mark and Callie had the same need to find a friend who would accept them for who they were. Callie saw Mark for who he was: not just Dr. McSteamy, but a man with many problems and insecurities. In return, Mark helped Callie see how good she really was and gain enough confidence to accept her truth.

Their friendship peaked with the birth of their daughter Sofia, but was cut short by Mark’s sudden death.

Alex Karev and Arizona Robbins

Even though this friendship technically started as a mentorship, Arizona’s wisdom made Alex a much rounder and gentler person overall. Previously, he was not well liked or appreciated, given his occasional rudeness and generally tough appearance, nor did he enjoy Arizona’s happy presence.

But by putting aside their differences and working together as a pediatric duo to save children, they both matured and grew in their own ways.