Despite Russell Wilson Fallout, Broncos QB Coach Davis Webb Is Still a ‘Plus’

Denver Broncos QBs coach Davis Webb was unable to light the fire big enough under Russell Wilson in a difficult 2023 season. Last season was an eye-opener for Webb and everyone involved at Broncos headquarters, as Wilson unraveled and ultimately ended up the bench was set by Sean Payton.

Wilson was then infamously released for $85 million in dead money on the Broncos’ salary cap. That means Wilson gets tens of millions of dollars from the Broncos to play for Pittsburgh Steelers.


Mud often lingers in the tight-knit coaching community, but last year’s setback doesn’t mean Webb is any less important to the progress of Payton’s project. Webb is probably best known for surprisingly hanging up his playing cleats in his late 20s, when he could still have been cashing big paychecks with a clipboard as a backup quarterback.

Webb famously started out in the New York Giants season finale in 2022 until he retired and began his coaching career under Payton in Denver in about a month. The trials and tribulations faced as a former player and young coach will hopefully build up the 29-year-old Webb, but make no mistake; Payton has lost little faith in his assistant’s coaching abilities.

“I like that there’s energy in the way he presents in a room,” Payton said of Webb last week. “He has all his high school, college and professional game plans downloaded into files, PDFs, which I have no idea how to access, and he can upload. He’s someone that if we install all week, he makes an effort his computer, so his meetings are extremely organized.

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Webb was considerably younger than Wilson when he took over the veteran signal caller’s day-to-day coaching duties. This offseason has brought a lot of change and stark contrast, including youthful newcomers like rookie Bo Nix and Zach Wilson, who now join incumbent Jarrett Stidham to create a much younger QB room.

Webb has suddenly become the old head tasked with leading a ranked QB room very last in the competition. Just when fans might be wondering if Webb has fallen out of favor, Payton is up in arms about what the young QB coach can bring to the new room.

“We’re encouraged with that space, but I think Davis brings energy, experience and almost a crafty veteran quarterback, which I think is a plus,” Payton said.

The coaching opportunity that Payton Webb has provided could be a stepping stone to much bigger things. In the past, teams have had to give up a roster spot to sign a veteran quarterback who aspires to one day become a coach, but Payton has taken a different approach and accelerated Webb.

Regardless of the potential career springboard Webb might get from coaching under Payton, he must first put last year’s setback with Wilson firmly behind him. That means focusing on mentoring the younger generation of signal callers in Denver.

Nix’s early development will come with the traditional challenges, but the Broncos’ No. 12 is known to be a quick learner. So far, that aspect of its reputation is as advertised, Payton said.

The early returns from OTAs support the theory that Webb will have enough rope to accelerate Nix’s assimilation of the playbook and acclimation to the NFL game. How well Webb translates Payton’s offseason offense to Nix could either push him up the coaching ladder or see him slide back down.

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