State of emergency declared in Atlanta due to water main break: mayor

Of the two water main breaks, one has been repaired, authorities said.

A state of emergency was declared in Atlanta on Saturday evening after two water main breaks, Mayor Andre Dickens announced at a press conference.

The massive disruption was reported Friday evening, resulting in a boil water advisory from the City of Atlanta’s Department of Watershed Management.

We are working “around the clock to bring us safe drinking water to the city of Atlanta,” Mayor Dickens said.

“I know it has been a tough and frustrating day for many of you,” Dickens said. “We are all taking this matter very seriously.”

Of the two water main breaks, one had been repaired at the time of the pressure, and water is currently being restored to those affected by the specific outage. Authorities are awaiting the arrival of a component to fix the second main breach, and the timeline to fix the breach remains uncertain, officials said.

Grady Hospital and Emory University Hospital are accepting patients and are fully operational, with enough water to “keep people safe and healthy,” the mayor said.

Earlier on Saturday, before repairing one of the water main breaks, Emory University Hospital Midtown diverted ambulance traffic to other locations, but emergency operations could continue, a spokesperson told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The two major burglaries occurred at Joseph E. Boone Boulevard and James P. Brawley Drive, and one at 11th Street NE and West Peachtree Street NE.

The break at Joseph E. Boone Boulevard and James P. Brawley Drive has been fixed, the mayor said. The Department of Watershed Management is building back pressure into the system so that those affected by this outage will see their water restored now or soon, Dickens added.

The city expects 100 pallets of water to be delivered later this evening to distribute to those in need.