Vikings are ranked 25th in ESPN’s Power Football Index

The Vikings are the eighth-worst team in the NFL, according to ESPN’s first Football Power Index (FPI) rankings ahead of the upcoming season. They have an FPI of minus-2.5.

FPI is a metric developed by ESPN that is an intended “measure of team strength” and is intended to be the best predictor of a team’s performance for the remainder of the season.

FPI indicates how many points above or below the average a team is. The expected results are based on 10,000 simulations of the remainder of the season using FPI, the results to date and the remaining schedule.”

FPI can change daily and after each match, or change throughout the season.

The Vikings with an FPI of minus-2.5 rank 25th in the league, ahead of only the New Orleans Saints (-2.6), Tennessee Titans (-2.9), Washington Commanders (-3, 5), New York Giants (-3.7), Denver Broncos (-4.9), New England Patriots (-5.6) and Carolina Panthers (-6.7).

The Vikings trail all of their division rivals. The Detroit Lions rank fourth overall (4.0); the Green Bay Packers rank 10th (2.6) and the Chicago Bears rank 19th (-0.3).

The San Francisco 49ers are at the top overall with an FPI of 5.1.

Ultimately, of course, the FPI won’t matter, only the results on the field will.