Gotti4Real: The rising star from Augusta, Georgia


Gotti4Real, a rapper and songwriter from Augusta, Georgia, is making waves on the music scene with his unique style and ruthless determination. Known for his laid-back personality that turns into the life of the party around the right people, Gotti4Real embodies authenticity in every beat and lyric he produces.

From beats to rhymes: the origin story

Gotti4Real’s journey into music began in an unexpected yet organic way. A friend who made beats at FL Studio sparked his interest. “I was always there smoking and watching him make beats, and one day he asked me if I wanted to rap on it, and the rest is history,” Gotti4Real recalls. This informal invitation ignited a passion that has driven him to pursue his dreams with unwavering determination.

The music

Authenticity in every song

Gotti4Real distinguishes itself by simply being itself, and this authenticity is palpable in his music. “If you want something, get it and don’t put it off, stay hungry,” he advises. This ethos is not just a mantra, but a driving force behind his lyrics and performances.

Rising popularity

Despite having a relatively small fan base, Gotti4Real has amassed an impressive 10.5k streams on Apple Music and Spotify. His most streamed song, “Pop Shit,” has 6,000 views on YouTube and over 2,000 streams on other platforms. These figures reflect a growing recognition and appreciation for his work.

Challenges and growth

Promoting his music remains a major challenge for Gotti4Real. Additionally, he is venturing into the R&B side of his music, which is out of his comfort zone since he is not traditionally a singer. “I love singing, and I get out of my comfort zone,” he says, demonstrating his willingness to evolve and experiment with his sound.

Future ambitions

Gotti4Real’s vision for its future is nothing short of ambitious. “I see myself going very far! I see myself going for MJ Status – that’s how crazy I am,” he says. One of his dreams is to collaborate with Wiz Khalifa on a tape, a testament to his high ambitions and belief in his potential.

Motivating the masses

In addition to personal success, Gotti4Real wants to inspire and encourage ordinary working citizens to pursue their dreams. His music and message serve as a beacon of motivation for those who strive to achieve their goals.

New release: “4Real part 3”

Mark your calendar for June 7, because Gotti4Real drops his new single ‘4Real Part 3’ on all platforms. Be sure to check out the first two “4Real” hits.

Connect with Gotti4Real

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Gotti4Real is a name to keep an eye on in the music industry. With his authentic approach, growing popularity and ambitious dreams, he is ready to make a significant impact. Follow his journey and be inspired by his dedication and passion for music.