Controversial statement from former NBA star on viral Caitlin Clark error

Caitlin Clark has been the center of a lot of hostility. With that hostility continues to be a major debate about whether it’s justified, or whether it’s all part of the game. The most recent act was when Chicago Sky’s Chennedy Carter pushed Clark to the ground – an act that has already sparked a debate.

Former Clippers star Lou Williams expressed his thoughts on the piece on Twitter, suggesting Clark may have been talking nonsense to justify the inclusion.

“Come on man,” Williams said. “You know rooks can’t chirp like that.”

Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III had a much different perspective on the mistake. Griffin had previously said that dealing with tough fouls from Clark is part of the respect and embrace of joining the WNBA, but this particular foul was a different case.

“Okay, this is hating on Caitlin Clark,” Griffin said. “Face guarding, extremely aggressive play and the occasional hard foul can be described as competitiveness. Going out of your way to call her out on her name and control her on the ground without the ball is HATE.”

The way WNBA players are targeting Caitlin Clark is very similar to what Blake Griffin did on the Clippers. Play after play, older players tackled Griffin or caused him to knock him to the ground. It took a while, but eventually the dirty transgressions came to an end, and they should, too, for Clark.

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