Feud escalates between Representative Tom Leek and John Morgan: Morgan challenges Leek to a lie detector test

TALHAASSEE, FL— In a fiery escalation of the ongoing feud between Republican Rep. Tom Leek and Orlando attorney John Morgan, the latter has rejected a provocative challenge. Morgan, who is often called “Pot Daddy” for his advocacy for marijuana legalization, has blasted Leek, calling him a “rhino” and accusing him of getting rich at the expense of Florida homeowners.

In a recent tweet, Morgan addressed allegations stemming from an ad from Leek’s political committee, Friends of Tom Leek, which Morgan said indirectly attacked him. Morgan reacted strongly, claiming that Leek’s actions were deceptive and challenging him to take a polygraph test to prove his honesty.

“This is a lie… Rhino Tom Leek got rich off the backs of Florida homeowners,” Morgan tweeted, further claiming that President Trump had previously implored Leek to reconsider his position. Morgan also implicated Jeff Porter of the Florida Justice Association (FJA) in the case, suggesting that Leek specifically targeted him by name.

Morgan’s tweet continued with an ultimatum: “If Mr. Leek wants to take a polygraph I will pay for it and then donate $100,000 to his campaign if he passes…. he won’t do that. If he fails, he must leave the race. We have enough liars in Tallahassee.”

Leek’s team has maintained that their advertisements were not directly aimed at Morgan. Christina Johnson, Leek’s spokesperson, clarified that the ad was intended to refer to the political committee “The Truth Matters,” which launched an anti-Leek website. Johnson emphasized that neither Morgan nor his associates were named in their media reports.

Despite these clarifications, Morgan remains unconvinced. In an explicit social media post, he accused Leek of attacking him as part of his Senate strategy, stating: “Rep. Tom Leek, aka Tom Leech, starts attacking me as he prepares for a Senate election… You kicked the wrong dog for no reason. This dog bites.”

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