Bernard Tomic gets into an argument with his girlfriend halfway through the match: ‘You have tested positive…’

Bernard Tomic got into a fight with his girlfriend Keely Hannah in the middle of his Little Rock Challenger match, as the Australian tennis star apparently suspected his girlfriend had something to do with him feeling unwell on the court.

Tomic, a former world number 17, was playing Yuta Shimizu in the second round of the Little Rock Challenger when he retired due to “suspected COVID”.

But before Tomic pulled out of the match for a pretty bizarre reason, he apparently got into an argument with his girlfriend, who was in the stands. Apparently, Tomic’s girlfriend Hannah recently had a positive COVID test and the four-time ATP champion had some questions for her.

“Bernard and his girlfriend keep arguing,” said the ATP Challengers commentator.

“Basically, Bernie says, ‘You tested positive for Covid today,’ while the girlfriend says, ‘No, that was two weeks ago.’

“I didn’t expect to be here commenting on a couple’s argument, but here we are.

“Anyway, awkward for all the fans here, who just want to see a bit of tennis tonight, but I don’t know if they’ll get it.”

Bernard Tomic and Keely Hannah
Bernard Tomic and Keely Hannah© Keely Hannah – Facebook

Tomic quit the match after an argument with his girlfriend

During the first set, Tomic missed shots and didn’t look particularly good – and Shimizu took full advantage, easily winning the opener with a 6-1 scoreline. And after being checked by the doctor – who claimed he might be dealing with COVID – and easily losing the first set, Tomic decided it was for the day.

“Okay, that’s enough. So retiring due to illness is Bernard Tomic,” said the commentator.

“Well, that’s a very awkward way to end, and a rather ‘Bernie’ way to end, isn’t it? Hard way to go out.

‘Tomic now, we’ll see if he can recover. And again, how on earth did he win that match a few days ago?

Moments after Tomic withdrew, Hannah stood up and left her seat.

Currently ranked number 247 in the world, Tomic has only competed in Challenger and ITF level tournaments this year.