The Kentucky-Illinois start time has been moved up due to approaching weather

Kentucky and Illinois now have a new first pitch time thanks to likely weather in Lexington later this evening on Saturday.

According to the Kentucky Baseball Twitter account, the Wildcats and Illini will kick off just an hour after the completion of Saturday’s first game in the Lexington Regional between Indiana State and Western Michigan.

Here was the news straight from the source:

“Due to approaching weather, tonight’s game has been rescheduled until 55 minutes after the completion of Game 3 (approximately 4:00 PM ET). Game 4 ticket holders will be able to enter the stadium during Game 3, but Game 3 ticket holders will retain all reserved seating locations until Game 3 ends. .”

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So when WMU and ISU finish, Kentucky and Illinois will take the field and start their own game 55 minutes later, likely around 4:00 PM ET.

Nick Mingione loved being a regional host

By Sam Gillenwater

Home field advantage is clearly a big deal for Kentucky, as Nick Mingione explained this week following their selection as the No. 2 overall seed.

There is a history of teams earning that honor by competing for a national championship. Therefore, this has always been an emphasis for them and something they are happy to have achieved over the past two seasons.

“You know, when you look at the track record of teams that have made it to Omaha? Obviously there is a huge advantage to playing at home,” Mingione said at that press conference. “We always wanted the path to Omaha to be here. Obviously, until this year, we haven’t put ourselves in a position where we can do that.”

“It will definitely be a bonus to play at home,” Mingione said.

Kentucky only secured a regional berth last season instead of both that and the super regional. They won the Lexington Regional with victories Ball stands, West VirginiaAnd Indiana. However, their year ended after losing both games against LSUthe eventual national champion, in the Baton Rouge Super Regional.

In 2024, however, the Wildcats will have the opportunity to host both. Great Britain starts this weekend against a field that includes Western Michigan on Friday The state of Indiana And Illinois. If they advance, they will face the winner of the Corvallis Regional, which could be one of the following State of Oregon, UC Irvine, Nicholls standsAnd Tulanat Kentucky Pride Park.