Watch Vic’s farewell with ‘real tears’


Red-hot reveal alert: This article discusses the series finale of ABC’s “Station 19,” now streaming on Hulu.

There has never been a wildfire like the one that raged out of control in Thursday’s “Station 19.” series finale.

The devastation of the Seattle-based spinoff of Shonda Rhimes’ “Grey’s Anatomy” is so powerful that it spreads to the series’ mothership. In the ultimate crossover, the overwhelmed staff of Gray + Sloan Memorial Hospital treats the injured in the ‘Grey’s’ Season 20 finale, which aired just before ’19’.

The deadly fire, which began in the May 23 episode, endangers the “Station 19” firefighting team that fans have come to love for seven seasons and threatens to spread across Seattle. There’s a fierce fire tornado, firefighters are forced to take drastic shelter from all-consuming flames, and the birth of a baby in a car amid the chaos.

“We wanted to use every last cent,” executive producer and writer Zoanne Clack says of the finale blowout. But as each character faces death, the finale also flashes forward to a bright future: everyone survives the carnage and has their own happy ending.

“We went for satisfaction,” Clack says. “We used the flash-forwards to show what they live and fight for while in danger. What will give them the drive to keep going and not just give up?”

Clack and executive producer Peter Paige discussed the still-burning ‘Station 19’ hotspots.

Were there any ‘Station 19’ crossovers with ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

The action in the finale quickly moves to Gray Sloan, where injured firefighter Theo Ruiz (Carlos Miranda) is brought in on a stretcher en route to emergency surgery. Ruiz’s operating room ordeal is a major subplot of the season finale of “Grey’s.” But there are many crises at the hospital, including Captain Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz), who recovers from her brush with death surrounded by friends and colleagues.

“We came out of the mothership and turned back,” Paige says. “We love those connections and interactions within the universe. This was a chance to do that one last time.”

What happened to Ben Warren in the ‘Station 19’ finale?

Ben Warren (Jason George) was a surgical resident at Gray Sloan from season 6 before becoming a firefighter on the spin-off “Station 19”. The dangerous job was a constant source of worry for his wife, “Grey’s Anatomy” surgeon Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson).

As Warren watches Ruiz wheel into the operating room, it’s clear he misses the profession. But he runs away to save lives and deliver the healthy baby with gynecologist Carina DeLuca (Stefania Spampinato). Three months later, Warren tells Herrera that he is leaving Station 19 to return to medicine.

“He knew he couldn’t be that great of a firefighter because his body was breaking down,” Clack said. “It was a natural progression for Ben to return to medicine.” The career change also leaves the door wide open for his likely return to ‘Grey’s’ next season.

Warren’s flash-forward shows him watching his adult children’s graduations with Bailey. The final scene features Pruitt Arike Miller, who raised the couple after her firefighter father, Dean Miller (Okieriete Onaodowan), died in season 5. Pruitt graduates from the fire academy.

“It was kind of bittersweet that Pruitt was going to put out the fire, because now they have to do it again with peace of mind,” Clack said.

What happened to Andy Herrera in the final?

Herrera rallies her team: when Herrera is forced to take cover from the fire, she risks slipping away and seeking essential help. Even after recovering, Herrera is left with burns on her neck when she receives the biggest compliment from the departing Warren: that her father, the legendary Captain Pruitt Herrera (Miguel Sandoval), who died in Season 3, would be extremely proud of her.

In a worthy promotion, Chief Herrera gets the final words of the series as he speaks to a new group of Station 19 rookies.

“We wanted the final moments to show that the show may be over, but the spirit and energy of Station 19 doesn’t have to stop,” says Paige. “We left these words for Andy to move on. We knew this was where the show had to end.”

Herrera is seen leaving the station and heading into a bright, sunny future.

Final group scene ‘Station 19’ required little acting: ‘Those are all very real tears’

The final group scene of “Station 19” shows the farewell of Victoria Hughes (Barrett Doss) as she heads to a new job in Washington, DC. Hughes continues the Station 19 tradition by signing at the bottom of the firehouse table before leaving in front of the entire audience. crew – including star-crossed former friend Theo (recovered from his injuries, but walked with a cane) and Jack Gibson (Grey Damon), who left the force due to a head injury.

“God, it feels so final. Why is this so difficult?’ Hughes says tearfully, holding the Sharpie. There are many waterworks.

“It was the penultimate scene of the series on the last day,” says Paige. “Believe me, they are all very real tears.”

Herrara eventually lures Hughes under the table, and the entire crew lies to join her, lined up in two rows against each other.

Travis Montgomery and Vic Hughes are ‘Station 19’ BFFs

In a finale update, we have to mention best friend and fan-favorite couple Travis Montgomery (Jay Hayden) and Hughes. When Hughes leaves for Washington, DC, her best friend and clever prankster Montgomery shows up at the airport to join her.

“It turns out my life is where you are,” Montgomery tells her.

“Rom-com is part of the Shondaland vocabulary. But what if the great rom-com of this finale is actually these two best friends choosing each other? That felt so good,” says Paige. “They got the platon-com ending. That friendship is just as valuable as the other great loves of the show.”