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10 Questions you should ask about any NCLEX-RN Review Course

We know investing in a review course is an important decision and students should be invited and encouraged to ask questions.  Here are some guidelines we recommend students use to ensure they are confident in the review course they are taking.

1. Who is teaching the course

As students, it is important that your instructors are Registered Nurses or Nurse Practitioners with at least Masters degrees in Nursing or related field (e.g. Education, Leadership).  Advanced education ensures your instructors are nursing leaders, committed to the nursing profession and academic excellence.

2. Do the instructors have recent or active clinical practice?

We believe that nursing practice described in textbooks can be very different from nursing in “real life”.  It is important that your NCLEX prep course is taught by nurses who have engaged in recent clinical practice.  At PRIMED our commitment to you is a course taught by nursing educators who are actively engaged in, or have recent clinical practice.

3. How was the course content designed?

Your NCLEX course should be designed according to the NCSBN test-plan for the NCLEX-RN (2013-2016).  This ensures the course will contain relevant and up-to-date materials in accordance with the NCLEX you will be writing.

4. How can you get in touch with the company, school or course?

It is important that you can have your questions answered by a knowledgable person, in a timely manner.  At PRIMED, our nursing educators are available to answer your questions via email and phone, and provide you with confidence regarding your investment.  Email us at

5. What are other students saying?

As an interested student, you should be able to easily view student testimonials and talk with other students about their experiences working and studying with an education company.

6. Does the course content meet best practice guidelines?

Remember, you already have strong nursing knowledge and expertise.  A review company should be able to direct you to the resources they have used to develop their course content and these resources should reflect current evidence for best nursing practices.

7.  Does the course make unrealistic promises?  

No course can guarantee that you will pass the NCLEX-RN exam and guarantees are unrealistic. It’s important to remember that you go to nursing school for 4 or more years to gain the knowledge needed to pass this exam.  A good review course should summarize, articulate and help fill in gaps to help you prepare yourself.  You should be encouraged to use multiple resources to prepare you for the exam and every course should direct you back to the exam developers (NCSBN) to ensure you are clear on the exam blueprint.

8. Does the course provide you with materials to take home?

Some courses do not allow students to leave with course materials.  At PRIMED we feel that providing students with our course content (200 page booklet) is a great way to ensure you have the tools necessary to continue your studying after you leave our session.

9. Can you get in touch with the educators after the course has ended?

You should be able to email or call your instructors to ask questions or obtain clarity after the course has finished.  At PRIMED we are committed to working with our students from registration up until they have successfully completed the exam.  We are here to guide, support and motivate you to achieve success.

10. How often is the course content updated?

A good course will update their materials at least 3-4 times/ year.  This is extremely important because nursing practice changes on a regular basis.  PRIMED is committed to providing you with up to date clinical information and we strive to incorporate feedback from our students and educators to ensure we are offering the best course possible.



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