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Students who have worked with PRIMED have found them very beneficial for their exam success.

“”Things were grim after finding out that I did not pass the CRNE for
the second time and what made it worse was the change from CRNE to the NCLEX. Feeling lost in the whole situation, I turned to PRIMED and took their course and private tutoring sessions. The instructors during the 2 day course were knowledgeable and passionate about the core contents as well as in their specialized area. The instructors are very open and willing to listen and answer questions from the students. The booklet provided in the course was organized which made studying so much easier. The private tutoring sessions
were tailored to my own needs and it has helped me figure out what I needed to review on and greatly expanded my knowledge. There were times of doubts in whether I would pass that national exam for the very last time, but the instructor stuck with me from the beginning of my studies for the exam and all the way to getting my results. I have finally passed the exam and officially an RN now. PRIMED has definitely primed for my success on the NCLEX!” Spring 2015

“PRIMED helped improve my confidence going in to the NCLEX. The instructor was fantastic! I learned so much from her and she kept my attention the entire time. She is so passionate and knowledgeable.”
Winter 2015
“This course was fantastic! I feel as though I learned a lot, and what I did not learn in the course I now know how to review and study properly for the NCLEX exam.I would highly recommend tho course to anyone taking the NCLEX exam. Thank you for putting on such a wonderful course. It really helped me get on track and focused for my exam. I feel much more prepared”
January 2015

“Well knowledgable facilitators and their teaching style is not boring!  All the subjects are well explained.”
Fall 2014

“Even though there was a lot of topics/contents that needs to be covered in just two days, it did not feel overwhelming. Also, I enjoyed how the instructors simplified things and made the diseases/disorders very easy to understand”.
Fall 2014

It was my third time writing and I can say with confidence that I would not have passed my nursing exam without the amazing help of PRIMED Education. PRIMED helped me to evaluate what it was that I was struggling with and helped me to feel well prepared before going into the exam for the third time. The 2 day review course focused on the main concepts and was very well organized, concrete and easy to understand. I also had individual tutoring sessions which I found very helpful as the instructor really focused on my unique needs and helped me to believe in myself to pass. I expanded on my knowledge and really felt ready to dominate that exam for the last time. I also had fun working with PRIMED, the instructors are very personable, want you to succeed and will help you to get there. I would recommend PRIMED to all other nurses waiting to write the board exams. I will never forget my reaction when I opened that envelope and saw that I passed. Best feeling ever! and I know the wonderful instructors at PRIMED helped me to get there. Take the PRIMED course – I know from my own  experience that it is definitely worth it.
Spring 2014: Private tutoring and PRIMED Course attendee

“I recently took the primed CRNE course prior to writing the exam back in February.  I am emailing you to tell you that I passed the exam!! I would like to say thank you for having a course like this because it helped me a lot!  I think all nursing programs should create or notify students of courses like this prior to writing the exam.  I found that the most important thing I needed was guidance for what to study before taking this exam.  Without it, I felt like I was walking into the exam blind folded, because I didn’t know if I was studying the right material.  So again I thank you for making this course available.” February 2014

“I received great news this week that I passed the CRNE!!!!! I did the online course at the end of January in preparation for the CRNE and it was a great learning tool!  I felt much more prepared following the sessions and would recommend it to others studying for the exam!!”
February 2014

“The PRIMED course was phenomenal. The facilitators were able to explain everything so well, clear and simple. Unbelievably organized and smooth. I wish I had known about it earlier! I recommend it for everyone. The amount of time and effort put in to the research and preparation is outstanding. I would like to congratulate you all on your great success!!! You are all inspirations.”
Fall 2013

“PRIMED helped me to focus on what was needed to succeed on the CRNE. The teaching team was led with professional enthusiasm; knowledge; experience; a well mapped game plan and a genuine interest in each participants personal success. Taking this prep course was an investment in myself; the Primed team were committed from start to finish ensuring student readiness. This course challenged my approach to preparation; guided me in my review and most importantly gave me confidence in my knowledge to ensure I was successful! Invest in yourself and take this course, success will be reflected in your individual results, I am a living example of just that. This course is worth every penny to get you ready.”
Fall 2012

“I just wanted to thank you both (and all the PRIMED speakers/instructors) for helping me out in last October’s CRNE. The review that I attended helped me to learn the key information that I had to focus on & it equipped me to answer the exam. I passed! :D Thank you once again.”
October 2012

“I want to say thank PRIMED for creating the mock CRNE exam on your website. It was very vital to my learning which ultimately helped me pass my CRNE exam in October 2013. There are not enough words to show how grateful I am for your help. My only feedback is to continue what your doing and help nurses like myself become successful not only on this exam but also to become skilled, qualified, and knowledgeable health care professionals. Thank you.”
October 2012

“This morning I opened my front door to look in my mail box the same way I have been for the past two weeks. Except this time I saw what I was waiting for. I opened the envelope up and I PASSED!!!!!! I was ecstatic as you can imagine. I want to thank you so much for all your help and advice. I can honestly say your course and teaching made a HUGE difference in my studying and I’m sure my success.”
October 2012

“I just got my CRNE results today and I PASSED!!!! I took the course in Toronto, ON. It was very helpful, the content covered every area and I found the course pack an excellent study resourse.Keep up the good work. Thank you so much.”                                                             June 2012

“I did the PRIMED prep course in May in Vancouver. I got my test results today and I passed the CRNE!!! Thank you for accommodating me into your course and I thought it was super useful and definitely prepared me for the exam.”
June 2012

“I just wanted to say thank-you again for the exceptional course that you have developed. It definately helped me focus my studying to make me successful on the exam. I will highly recommend your course.Thanks again,”                                                                                January 2012

“So good! The book you gave us is an awesome reference. I was more than satisfied with every section and both instructors were very knowledgeable and comfortable with the material. I found it extremely helpful. It provided a better layout of what was expected from the exam without being too overwhelming. After taking the course I feel better prepared and I also walked away with other bonus material to help with my studying.”                             Fall 2011 attendant

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the PRIMED CRNE Review Course. Before attending, I had anticipated I would leave the course feeling more frustrated with the CRNE, feeling “like I don’t know anything!” However, after leaving it was the opposite. I felt much more confident in my knowledge base!”
Spring 2011 attendant

“You are like CRNE bootcamp”
Winter 2011 attendant

The PRIMED Online quiz is great. The rationale to the questions were really helpful and the explanations for the psychosocial questions were easy to understand and very useful-Thanks!
Online Quiz User

This was very helpful for preparing for the CRNE – the time went by so fast. I feel more confident after this course. I would definitely recommend it to all my friends. It’s better than just going through the questions; good job, I learned a lot in 2 days- Thanks!
Winter 2011 attendant

The review course was extremely useful in helping me to realize the topics I still need to review. The course material outlines the important items to remember about each category.
Winter 2011 attendant

Very helpful and easy to understand- all my questions were answered very professionally! I’m glad I found out about this course, it definitely has boosted my confidence!
Winter 2010 attendant

“I found it quite good, just as I expected or maybe even better than expected. It helps me know where to focus and other inside tips that I wouldn’t have thought about. Also just in terms of confidence and getting me ready to crack down.
Fall 2010 attendant

“Very informative and the instructors kept my attention throughout the day”
Fall 2010 attendant

“I think this is an excellent course for everyone take prior to the exam. I loved how we went through all the systems. It made it easier to understand”.
Spring 2010 attendant

“The PRIMED course was an excellent review. I would highly suggest other students participate in this in the future. 2 days was the perfect amount of time. The review was extremely thorough and covered all the basics.”
Spring 2010 attendant

“The PRIMED course decreased the anxiety I have for the CRNE. Thank you.”
Fall 2009 attendant

“I thought the pace for the sections were great and clearly taught! Very knowledgeable teachers and good at explaining things!”
Fall 2009 attendant

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